The importance of air conditioner maintenance

Hawaii experiences tropical temperatures every year. As a result, many households now have access to air conditioning. It is, of course, nice to be able to rely on the air conditioner, which is why Affordable Appliance & A/C Repair explains the importance of air conditioner maintenance.

However, if your A/C unit isn’t working properly, it can lead to more than mere discomfort. Ignoring regular maintenance can turn into costly repairs and replacements. Avoid that scenario by keeping your air conditioner in top shape. Here’s why having your A/C inspected and maintained should be a priority this summer.

Protects important equipment and compounds

It can be expensive to replace an air conditioner, especially if you’re having to do so every few years. Keeping on top of air conditioner maintenance extends the life of your equipment. In fact, A/C professionals say many A/C replacements could have been prevented with regular maintenance.

In addition, scheduled checkups reduce the possibility of unexpected and costly repairs. The need for emergency service is also greatly reduced. While servicing your A/C unit, a skilled and qualified technician will notify you of any worn equipment or need for repair and parts replacement. This helps you prevent damage and avoid an emergency call.

Maintenance also reduces the stress on air conditioners. When ducts are clogged and filters are dirty, A/C units must work harder to maintain air output. This places increased stress on the motor and cooling units and can soon result in a breakdown.

Energy Savings Add Up

Preventative maintenance keeps air conditioners working at optimum capacity. It helps this important equipment conserve energy. Regular A/C “checkups” include thorough cleaning of blades, cooling coils, and other components. This maximizes energy efficiency, which saves you money on utility bills. We also have some useful energy savings tips for you.

Your air conditioner tune-up will include many important checkpoints such as duct cleaning, monitoring/replacement of coolant, thorough inspection of equipment and seals, thermostat check, and more.

In addition to scheduled maintenance, you can help ensure a long life of your A/C unit by changing your air filter every one or two months. During times of heavy use (such as the summer months), you might have to change the filter every month. Filters are available in home improvement stores, and installation is quick and easy.

If you have questions or concerns about how and when to change your air filter, our friendly staff members are always glad to lend a hand. In addition, we can assist with air conditioning repair in Hawaii.

Air conditioner maintenance offers Comfort and Peace of Mind

Outside of work and school, home is where families spend most of their time. That’s why air quality should be a top concern.

When air conditioners fall into disrepair, dirt and debris can collect in an around the unit. Over time, this has a negative impact on the indoor air quality. Also, clogged filters allow air contaminants to pass through, creating allergy and breathing quality complications. Why risk the safety of your guests and loved ones?

Specializing in all aspects of air conditioning in Hawaii and the surrounding area, we can help keep you and your family cool this summer for affordable prices. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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