A/C Tune-Up

Properly maintaining your AC with regular tune ups and cleaning have many benefits.


Regular Air Conditioner – A/C Tune-Up are one of the best ways to increase the longevity of your cooling equipment. Not only does it prolong the life of your AC Unit, it also allows it to operate efficiently. Air Conditioners should be tuned up and cleaned at least once per year. Our professional heating and cooling technicians will ensure to take a close look at your central AC system providing a detailed inspection and cleaning. If they notice any operational issues or required repairs, they will consult with you on a plan to bring your cooling equipment up to standards in preparation for the hot & humid summer months.


Don’t get stuck in the icky weather! By staying up on air conditioning maintenance and repairs, your risk for running into a AC emergency during the midst of the hot, humid summer season will be greatly reduced. Our team of heating and cooling contractor professionals strive to provide quality workmanship on every job. Our Air Conditioning tune-up service will help you keep your home cool and comfortable every summer and will give you the peace of mind during humid Kona months. Schedule your A/C tune-up service and learn how we’ve been keeping Kona homes comfortable throughout the summer season.


We employ qualified technicians with the appropriate experience required to get your central air conditioning system running smoothly for as long as possible. Summers in Kona can be nasty during the hot months, and we make sure that you stay comfortable at the most affordable rate. It is our mission to ensure that your air conditioner will be ready to run at its optimal performance to provide a comfortable season. Although there is no specific time of year that your A/C unit must be checked, doing so in the spring is generally a good time in preparation for the Kona summer.


Properly maintaining your AC with regular tune ups and cleaning have many benefits. Here are a few of those top benefits:

Reduced Cooling Costs

Improved System Efficiency

Central A/C Runs at Optimal Performance

Extended Life of Cooling Equipment

Reduced Risk of Air Conditioning Failur




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